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European Drug Report 2019 directly contrasts U.S. drug crisis, tells a story of relative calm

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Around 8,200 people died of an overdose in Europe in 2018, according to the European Drug Report. That’s almost 10 times less than the number of overdose deaths in the United States.

This year’s European Drug Report, published on Thursday, tells the comparatively tame story of drug addiction in Europe in 2018. Although overdose deaths rose slightly — some 8,200 people died from an overdose last year, around 300 more than in 2017 — heroin use is decreasing and the spread of HIV has decreased by 40% over the past decade.

Most statistics are stable in comparison with last year’s. Researchers say the number of deaths could be 20% to 30% higher due to potential underreporting by member states.

Marijuana is the most-used drug and cocaine use is on the rise. The report, presented by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, notes the „Uberization” of the cocaine trade, where users and dealers use mobile phone apps to obtain the drug.


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