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Carnival cruise ships produce more sulphur oxide than all Europe’s cars, analysis claims


Cruise liners run by the Carnival Corporation emitted nearly 10 times more sulphur oxide (SOX) air pollution around European coasts than all of the continent’s 260 million cars in 2017, a new analysis has claimed.

Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Norway were most exposed to cruise ship air pollution in Europe, the analysis by campaign group Transport & Environment said.

Among the major cruise ports, the report said Europe’s top 10 cities that were most exposed to the pollution were: Barcelona (Spain), Palma de Maiorca (Spain), Venise (Italy), Civitavecchia (Italy), Southampton (UK), Lisbon (Portugal), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain), Marseille (France), and Kobenhavns Havn (Denmark).

Source: euronews.com

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