Liviu Besleagă, new NCRAR President for Romania of Trump’s Romanian Republicans

The National Committee of Romanian-American Republicans (NCRAR) issued a press release announcing that Liviu Besleagă is the new president for the Romanian branch of NCRAR.

”Today, I want to welcome Liviu Besleaga, our new Executive Director for the Romanian branch. His work will cover Romania, Romanian Diaspora in the European Union and the Republic of Moldova.Mr. Liviu Besleaga, brings to the NCRAR a tremendous experience acquired over the past 12 years developing and coordinating a vast social infrastructure online, created to give people the possibility to express opinions in civically-engaged communities, defending Constitutional right to free speech, connecting Romanians, friends and families, at home and across the world. He is dedicated to strengthening traditional Romanian values and institutions in a world where these institutions are declining and values are forgotten.Analyzing the activity of Mr. Besleaga we recognized a tenacious, result-oriented person with humanitarian-political views consistent with the principles and values of our organization. The invitation of Mr. Besleaga to work with NCRAR is part of the plan to engage our organization in the native Romanian space and its historical regions. The aim of our Program in Romania is to promote Euro-Atlantic values, as well as to support the partnership between Romania and the United States of America. We anticipate that this Partnership will contribute to the freedom and prosperity of all citizens of Romania.As president of NCRAR, it is an honor for me to have Liviu join our team, and I wish him good luck and success.”, transmits Ionel Roiban.

Source: Romania.gov

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