Microsoft HoloLens 2 augmented reality headset unveiled

Image copyright Microsoft Image caption Microsoft believes HoloLens 2 offers new ways for surgeons to plan operations Microsoft has a new version of its augmented reality headset, which now detects where its users are looking and tracks the movements of their hands.
It said that HoloLens 2 wearers would find it easier to touch and otherwise interact with graphics superimposed over their real-world views.
Other improvements include filling more of a user's view and automatically recognising who they are.
The firm is pitching the kit as being ready for use in business environments.
Many experts believe mixing together graphics and real-world views has greater potential than virtual reality, which removes the user from their immediate environment.
But apart from the smartphone game Pokemon Go, augmented reality has yet to find mainstream appeal.
The previous version of HoloLens was mainly targeted at developers. A rival AR headset-maker – Magic Leap – similarly markets its gear to s..

Nokia 9 PureView uses five cameras to take a photo

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionWATCH: Hands-on with the Nokia 9 PureView A new Nokia smartphone fuses together shots taken simultaneously by five rear cameras to offer owners what it says is „the richest image capture possible”.
This lets it preserve details in the highlights and shadows that would otherwise be lost as well as giving more control over depth-of-focus edits than rival devices, it claims.
It can also produce photos with up to 240-megapixel resolution.
Experts, however, warn that it may be a challenging device to market.
„Most store sales people are not that well trained when it comes to explaining the differences between one smartphone camera system and another,” explained Francisco Jeronimo from market research firm IDC.
„But this is not just about selling this device.
„It's about building awareness for the brand by bringing innovation to the portfolio. And it may act as a halo product that drives sales of the firm's other mid-range..

Huawei Mate X smartphone folds face out

Image copyright Reuters Huawei has revealed its first smartphone to feature a foldable screen, less than a week after its rival Samsung did likewise.
The rival handset-tablet hybrids have contrasting designs.
Huawei's Mate X places its fold-out screen on the outside of the device, so that it covers the front and rear of the phone when closed.
In both modes, the display is larger than Samsung's. Huawei's device is also flatter and thinner when shut.
However, unlike Samsung's Galaxy Fold it does not have a second display on its reverse side.
Image copyright Samsung Image caption Samsung's Fold does not appear to fold flat when closed One analyst attending the launch event in Barcelona also remarked that a crease in the screen appeared to be visible.
For comparison's sake, Huawei said:
the Mate X's screen is 8in (20.3cm) when unfolded when closed, the Mate X's larger screen is 6.8in and the smaller one 6.6in when shut, the Mate X is 11mm (0.43in) ..

NHS told to ditch ‘outdated’ pagers

The NHS has been told to stop using pagers for communications by 2021, in order to save money.
The health service still uses about 130,000 pagers, which is about 10% of the total left in use globally.
They cost the NHS about £6.6m a year, because only one service provider supports them.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock called them „outdated” and said he wanted to rid the NHS of „archaic technology like pagers and fax machines”.
How do pagers work?The pagers used in the NHS today are mostly one-way communication devices that can receive short messages but cannot send replies.
To send a message, staff call either an automated phone line or speak to a dedicated operator.
Image caption The NHS uses about 130,000 pagers The recipient's pager will beep and display the message or a phone number to call. In order to call back, the recipient must use a mobile phone or find a landline.
Pagers were widely used in the 1980s, before mobile phones and two-way SMS text messages became more popul..

Anthem video game set for tough debut

Image copyright EA Image caption In Anthem, players are freelancers who use flying exosuits to take on alien enemies Highly-anticipated video game Anthem launches on Friday.
The squad-based shooter challenges players to complete a variety of missions to defeat a series of enemy aliens or „exos”.
The online game is made by Bioware, which is best known for its stand-alone role-playing titles such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age.
Some experts said the game may struggle to attract players, because competition in the industry is so fierce.
Story timeThe game is set on a lush planet infused with a strange creative energy force that has left it populated by a wide variety of strange and hostile creatures.
In the far future, mankind has partially colonised the planet and players take on the role of a „freelancer” who seeks to help the colonies survive and prosper. Each freelancer wears a javelin exosuit that lets them fly, and holds the weapons and other gear used to fight the aggressive exos.