HealthMin Tataru says changes in Romania's severe burn care system a fact, yet too slow

30/10/2020 - 20:45

Health Minister Nelu Tataru said today that five years after the Colectiv Club deadly fire, "things in the severe burn care system have changed, but much too slowly."

"Today there are five years since the Colectiv tragedy. Every year at this time, our thoughts turn to the young people who lost their lives in that terrible accident, to their grieving families, but also to those who survived. Five years on, things in the severe burn care system have changed, but much too slowly. The law was changed so as to reduce and optimize the times for the transfer abroad of the people with severe burns who cannot be taken in by the health facilities in the country, and doctors and medical staff were sent for specialization to foreign clinics. Under a World Bank program, 6 hospital wards in the country received the necessary medical equipment worth over 33 million euros," Tataru said in a message sent on the 5th commemoration of the Colectiv Club tragedy, announce Agerpres.

He mentioned that Romania is still at the stage where the infrastructure for the treatment of the severe burn patient is being adjusted.


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