President Iohannis to be awarded Charlemagne Prize Friday, at Charlemagne Prize Europa Summit

11/11/2020 - 19:11

President Klaus Iohannis will attend the "Charlemagne Prize Europe Summit" videoconference, organized by the Society for the Award of the Charlemagne International Prize of the city of Aachen, announced the Presidential Administration.

On this occasion, the president will deliver the main speech in the panel dubbed "Overcoming discrepancies within the European Union".

According to the Presidential Administration, the event will be attended by German and European officials, laureates of the international prize "Charlemagne", with analysts, journalists and representatives of the business environment, announced Agerpres.

The Charlemagne international prize is awarded annually, in the city of Aachen, to public figures or organizations that have distinguished themselves by their special involvement in favour of European Union or cooperation between Member States. The distinction is granted in memory of Emperor Charlemagne, founder of the Carolingian Empire, the first emperor recognized in Western Europe after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, who reigned and was buried at Aachen.


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