Hungary closes refugee transit zones, but tightens asylum rules

Szijjarto fara carantina

Following a European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling last week which said that Hungary was illegally holding asylum seekers in camps on its border with Serbia, the country has freed around 300 migrants previously detained in what it called “transit zones” in the town of Roszke.

The ruling came after the Hungarian Helsinki Committee took the issue to the ECJ while representing two migrant families that had been detained.

“The conditions prevailing in the Roszke transit zone amount to a deprivation of liberty,” said the court.

However, while the 300 people will now be transferred to more open facilities, where they will be allowed more movement, immigration experts warn that while respecting the ECJ decision, Hungary has made the asylum application process more difficult for other migrants still trying to enter Hungary from Serbia.

As for the 300 people moved out of Roszke, Andraś Léderer, from the Helsinki Committee, explains that there are still concerns.

Source: emergingeurope.ro

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